Book: 50 International Women Artists

OPEN CALL: “50 International Women Artists”

This is the title of the next book that will be edited in collaboration with a major US museum for distribution in DUBAI during the 6th Museum Official travel to the United Arab Emirates from 11 to 20 March 2016.

If interested in the trip, please send us an email to for complete information.
We can send pictures of the previous 5 trips.

The 50 women artists will be selected and approved by the Curator of the book, because the book must meet certain quality conditions.

The International Art Fair ART DUBAI 2016 is one of the most prestigious and demanding in the world, and it is necessary to present an issue whose level is considered excellent. If you wish to participate in the publication, you need to send us the photography of the work you want to appear on your page. It must be approved by the Curator of the Book.
You can also send more than one to make the choice by the curator.

While the distribution of the book will be in March 2016, it is necessary to close it as soon as possible: edit and organize the distribution takes several months and the fair must be informed at least 3 months in advance.

Also, the issue can be closed at the time in which 50 artists are covered or when the Museum sees fit.

: The cost of the page is $ 435.00 or € 395 euros, which can be paid as follows:

Cash in Barcelona
By Paypal via this website
Check, Spain or United States
ank transfer to Spain or the United States, adding $ 16 to the debit card.
redit card a surcharge of 5%
Western Union or Moneygram

If you believe that the only way to send the contribution is in installments, please inform us to fix that.