The International Association of Barcelona of Contemporary Art and Culture, AIBACC, is a nonprofit entity that pursues the following purposes:

Provide logistical support to every professional in the area of art at his request and voluntarily enrolled to the Association, whatever their provenance and specialties: artist in any discipline, gallerist, critic, curators, cultural workers, among others.

* Promotion of all the professionals registered with the Association at local, national or / and internationally.

* Organization of individual and collective exhibitions, international competitions and prizes, with the active participation of partners. Just as seminars, courses, seminars and conferences.

* Annual purchase of works Artists associated with the criteria of a jury comprising members of the Association.

* Team work together with galleries and exhibition sapces for such facilities to receive when organizing events in their areas that benefit the artists, with the participation of critics, curators and cultural managers, as appropriate.

* Creation of new promotional strategies for this to give better support to the different groups of professionals in the art world in a practical way in events, based on their ideas and input.

* Collaboration with other local, national or / and international, just to make various projects.

May join the Association all persons wishing to participate, regardless of age and regardless of origin or residence, within the scope of contemporary art.

All members have the right to apply for participation in various events to be organized and to suggest changes. They also have the right to request new events with specific characteristics to their interests exhibitions, competitions, conferences, debates, courses, etc.., Whether for artistic interest to attend the event or to participate exposing (exhibitions), as an artist or jury (competitions), critic or historian (debates, conferences, courses, etc.).

The Association wants to be a binding site where suggestions and ideas which we can implement with the cooperation of all members.

AIBACC, Barcelona International Association of Contemporary Art and Culture, has official website where you can always find all the updates and announcements, and a private area where only members can access. Within the private area is the Directory of members: artists, galleries, critics, curators, with the appropriate contact information and where everyone can modify and include more information. Similarly, there are also calls for the events organized with special prices and information for members, private documents, forums where members connect, send proposals and suggestions.